Famous for the location of the winter headquarters of General George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Welcome to Morristown

Come discover Morristown, NJ’s significant American heritage treasures that have been attracting notable guests and visitors for more than 300 years. Plus, General George Washington wintered here a couple of times!

Gustav Stickley, the founder of the arts & crafts movement, lived here, so did Thomas Nast, the most memorable political cartoonist of America.

It doesn’t come as a surprise because Morristown, NJ, provides nationally acclaimed taverns, pubs, entertainment venues, and restaurants for every palette, as well as quaint townships and scenic country roads. In addition, Morristown, NJ, has acres of wide-open space that together create a string of pearls worthy of a permanent, luxurious living.

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The capital of the American Revolution. Morristown, NJ, is famous for the location of the winter headquarters of General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. This town also offers a range of restaurants, shops, entertainment, and modern delights.

Every action begins at ‘the green,’ the 200-year-old grassy oasis in the middle of the active downtown. Dating back to the 18th century, when it was a courthouse square, it’s still a community gathering place and a wonderful site for a game of catch or a picnic.

​​​​​​​Morristown National Historical Park is part of the NJ’s region referred to as ‘The Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area.’ The park is located where General George Washington and the starving, freezing, and brave continental army spent the winters of 1777-78 and 1779-80.

Rich in arts & culture, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start your next chapter in Morriston real estate

Morristown, NJ, provides world-class cultural attractions. If you’re looking for an artful experience, there’s no better place. Morristown, NJ, boasts a diverse mix of craft shows and art galleries, along with a number of classes and workshops to inspire your creative talents. If you love music, feel free to immerse yourself in superlative symphonies, operas, and orchestras. Or attend a live performance at one of Morristown, NJ’s many HIP performing art venues. There’s always something to do in this beautiful town.

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Dig into the historical sights Morristown has to offer

History buffs, rejoice! Morristown, NJ, is home to some of the most important American Revolutionary War museums and historic sites in NJ. Do you know that Morristown National Historical Park is the first national park in the country? Here, you’ll also find the headquarters of George Washington. Three more national historical landmarks in the vicinity tell the story of America during the American arts & crafts movement, the Gilded Age, and the Industrial Revolution. Head back in time while staying close to home right here in Morristown, NJ.

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Outdoors & Recreation: There’s so much to explore!

Getting up out of your chair and into the great outdoors is essential for maintaining a good work-life balance. In Morristown, NJ, there are a plethora of opportunities to chase a little white ball around a golf course, ramble in magnificent gardens, hike the endless parks, and visit one of the many farms that hearken back to the traditional agricultural past of the town.

​​​​​​​Whether it’s horseback riding, fitness, or water sports, Morristown, NJ, will provide you with a ton of opportunities to express yourself creatively. So, take a yoga or a dance class or visit a glassmaking or paint studio. There are scads of healthy and fun activities available in Morristown, NJ—both indoors and outdoors.

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Plan your shopping adventure​​​​​​​

Seeking a day of retail therapy? Morristown, NJ, is riddled with a variety of stores—from one-of-a-kind boutiques and historic gift shops to sophisticated department stores that are there to satisfy even the most discerning customers. Explore the distinct personalities and vibrant scenes of various Morristown, NJ areas. ​​​​Looking for homes for sale in Morristown? Give us a call now!

Celebrate weddings like there’s no tomorrow.

Morristown, NJ, witnessed one of the great American love stories. During the winter of 1779, Eliza Schuyler visited Morristown, NJ, and stayed with the Jabez Campfield family, who were neighbors to the Ford family.

At that time, General George Washington and Alexander Hamilton (his aide-de-camp) were living next door at the Ford Mansion. On his way to town, Alexander Hamilton met the girl next door (Eliza Schuyler) and courted her. In 1780, they got married in Albany, NY. Their love story has long been associated with Morristown, NJ, and remains a legacy for local couples looking to tie the knot. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in Morristown real estate!

Organizations & services

At Morristown, NJ, great people are doing incredible work, making our community one of NJ’s best places to live. Morris County provides a number of organizations and services, including event planners, non-profit foundations and organizations, community gardens, day spas, historical commissions and societies, and more. All of these diverse groups support the mission of Morristown, NJ — to make historic Morriston, NJ, the finest place to live for every American.

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Dining Options — enjoy time-honored experiences with a modern twist

Taste the good life in Morristown, NJ. Whether you’re seeking a fun afternoon with the family, a lively night out with the ladies, or a romantic dinner with a stunning view, Morristown, NJ, has tons of options for food lovers. From hand-made artisan desserts to tea and coffee shops, from casual pubs to farm-to-table and fine dining, Morristown, NJ has your culinary needs covered.

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Top-rated public schools


Unity Charter School

This school represents educational excellence, instilling the importance of education throughout American culture. Student agency doesn’t just drive critical thinking; it encourages advocacy through a constructivist learning approach. Unity Charter School fosters worldwide understanding, setting a foundation for students to prepare themselves and change the world for the better.

Alexander Hamilton Elementary School

This school has a caring, competent, and enthusiastic staff. In this school, children receive excellent instruction irrespective of their learning needs and styles.

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

The collegiality displayed amongst the staff easily makes it a nurturing, friendly, and warm school where every student feels valued. In fact, the entire Morristown has schools of similar character, and the diversity of its students is an added benefit to the ‘real life’ education, which is so important to the American society today.

Normandy Park School

The teachers at Normandy Park School are practical and very experienced. They’re not afraid to manage the children with the right balance of innovation, creativity, discipline, and learning. Their multiage program concept allows children to stay with the same teacher for two years, which allows teachers to purely define their areas of strength and growth. The principal of Normandy Park School is fantastic. Their genuine interest in their student body, transparency, and open-door policy set the tone for an amazing environment in the school.

Sussex Avenue Elementary School

Focusing on supportive and positive school spirit, the leadership at Sussex Avenue Elementary School is nothing short of impressive. The principal is an amazing administrator, educator, and human being. He has a great rapport with the parents and students. He has a good relationship with all the teachers as well because they seem supported and focused on their roles. This school aims to achieve a positive school climate, and so far, it has been quite successful in fulfilling it.


Unity Charter School

As emphasized above, Unity Charter School is an incredible school for students, especially those who fall through the cracks in other districts. The teachers are familiar with the students and their families. Plus, the school ensures the children learn a lot about the world around them.

Frelinghuysen Middle School

This is a welcoming school — a perfect place to be during those crucial middle school years. The staff, administrators, and the principal are there for the students in their daily work. They’re not just their children’s mentors/role models but their own personal cheerleaders.


Morristown High School

Morristown High School welcomes children from all walks of life. The life lessons that your children will learn here will be truly invaluable.

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