Family activities in Wayne, NJ comprise swimming in the lake communities and at the James W. Roe Memorial Pool and the Captain Michael Kilroy Memorial Park.

Welcome to Wayne

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Located in the heart of Passaic County, NJ, less than 20 miles from midtown New York City, Wayne, NJ, offers its guests and citizens a balanced suburban community. From shopping and business centers to William Paterson University (one of the best state universities in NJ), an exceptional modern free public library to lake communities riddled with museums and recreational facilities, Wayne, NJ, has something for everyone.

​​​​​​​Wayne real estate buyers value the proximity to public transportation and highways, and there are lots of greatactivities and excellent schools.

The New Jersey vibe is alive and well in this booming town

Family activities in Wayne, NJ comprise swimming in the lake communities and at the James W. Roe Memorial Pool and the Captain Michael Kilroy Memorial Park — the former has a big flume slide.

Wayne, NJ, has a variety of scout troops and sports leagues, as well as a Boys and Girls Club and YMCA.

​​​​​​​Plus, the 1,071-acre High Mountain Park Preserve and 30-acre Laurelwood Arboretum provide trails for hiking.

​​​​​​​While Wayne, NJ, doesn’t have a walkable shopping district, it has strip shopping complexes such as Wayne Towne Center and Willowbrook Mall near Route 80 (at the Southern end of Wayne, NJ).

There are a couple of movie theaters: Bow-Tie Cinemas at the Preakness Shopping Center and a 14-screen AMC Lowes multiplex in the Willowbrook Mall.

​​​​​​​However, one more multiplex from the Cinemark chain is planned for Willowbrook.

The town isn’t home to Fountains of Wayne anymore, the patio furniture store, and the statue that inspired the name of a local rock band, which appeared in ‘the Sopranos.’

​​​​​​​However, if you love arcade games, the gaming arcade/sports bar/restaurant chain of Dave & Buster’s recently opened a branch at Willowbrook.

Wayne, NJ, is also home to William Paterson University, a public school serving over 10,000 students. The university hosts public events, consisting of performances by the highly regarded jazz students at the school as well as a lecture series that has featured speakers like Colin Powell, Gloria Steinem, and Stephen Sondheim.

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Most schools in Wayne rank among the NJ’s best

Serving over 8,000 students in 14 schools.

​​​​​​​Wayne, NJ’s public school district includes 3 middle schools and 2 high schools:

​​​​​​​Wayne Valley and Wayne Hills, which have a deep-rooted football rivalry.

During 2016-17, the average SAT score for the two high schools of Wayne, NJ, was 582 for math (compared with 552 statewide) and 576 for reading and writing (compared with 551 statewide.)

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The commute – this commuter town woes outdoor lovers

Commuters may reach New York City by bus or train. The Montclair-Boonton train line of NJ Transit runs through the Route 23 transit center of Wayne, NJ. ​​​​​​The train ride to New York City’s Penn Station takes around 60 to 80 minutes, with a changeover in Newark. Buses take around 40 to 50 minutes from the Route 23 transit center to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

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From great facilities to its friendly folks, there’s something for everyone in this little slice of New Jersey heaven.

Whether it’s solid infrastructure or a perfect location, there’s a lot to love about living in Wayne, NJ!

Great restaurants

Looking for a delicious bite? Wayne, NJ has a wide selection of incredible restaurants serving authentic dishes from around the world. Visit Viaggio Ristorante if you’re looking for mouthwatering Italian food — their dishes include handmade pasta and fresh seafood, all of which are made from farm-to-table ingredients.

​​​​​​​However, if you need Asian cuisine to satisfy your cravings, Wayne, NJ’s Chengdu 23 is where you should set out. You’ll find authentic Sichuan delicacies such as bao and soup dumplings here.

Safe neighborhoods

​​​​​​​Looking to find a safe environment to raise a family? There’s no better place than Wayne, NJ.

Here, residents are very friendly and look out for each other. Local community events happen throughout the year and are free to the public. This strengthens the bond between residents, which easily makes Wayne, NJ, one of the best places to live.

Arts and culture

While Wayne may not be as big a town as other Metropolitan cities are, it still has room for finer things. In 1965, the Shea Center for Performing Arts was established on the William Paterson University Campus. Since then, upgrades such as state-of-the-art lighting and sound have been done. Seating more than 900 people, the campus has seen performances by some big names like Wynton Marsalis and David Crosby. In addition, Margaret Thatcher has also given some speeches here.

Beautiful parks

​​​​​​​Thanks to charming parklands in places like Terhune Memorial Park, there’s no shortage of outdoor recreational activities for those living in Wayne, NJ. The park was named after Albert Payson Terhune, a popular 19th-century writer who lived on the 10-acre preserve with his beloved dogs. To go to the park, drive along Route 202, close to Pompton Lake.

​​​​​​​Today, the Wayne Township Department of Parks and Recreation owns and looks after this park.

Historical sites

Bloomsburg Manor (or Dey Mansion) is one of Wayne, NJ’s most visited historical sites. Built by Dirck Dey in the 1740s, George Washington used this site throughout the Revolutionary War. Today, Dey Mansion is free to anyone who wants to learn about this significant monument. The Department of Cultural and Historic Affairs has made the tours possible.


Any bad day shopping beats a good day working. Wayne provides a plethora of opportunities to test that theory. Willowbrook Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in the state, featuring a movie theater, restaurants, and department stores.

Wayne Town Center is right next door, offering more entertainment and shopping. With an unbelievably big store space, you’ll be able to find everything you need without leaving town. It’s also a brilliant source of employment, especially for college-aged and high school kids.

Willowbrook Mall offers top-notch shopping opportunities, allowing the people of Wayne, NJ, to satisfy their urge to buy something new. In 1969, the first local mall was opened, and after numerous expansions and renovations, it’s currently housing more than 140 retail stores.

​​​​​​​The mall features a number of boutiques, specialty shops, and even big retailers like Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor, and Macy’s.

Perfect for a family

With a violent crime rate far below half the national average, Wayne, NJ, is as safe as it can be.

Plus, it ranks well on the education front too. With an array of fantastic schools, Wayne, NJ, has certainly made it difficult for parents to choose the best option for their child’s education. Wayne, NJ’s private schools are Blue Ribbon accredited, while its schools have an outstanding pupil-to-teacher ratio. With Passaic County Community College and William Patterson University providing everything from police training to standard 4-year degrees, there’s higher education too.

Hockey heaven

Love ice? Wayne, NJ, is the place to be. The local Ice Vault arena hosts a number of teams, including the local schools and collegiate teams, as well as the Jersey Hitmen. Getting to see local teams take to the ice with the passionate crowd roaring and supporting their team is a special sight.

​​​​​​​With stick and puck sessions and regular public skating on offer, even you can get on the ice yourself. And if you’re in for a major league hockey experience, the Islanders, Rangers, and the Red Devils are all within easy driving distance. What more could a hockey fan hope for?

Natural beauty

Not everyone likes to sit at home all the time. If you’re an outside person, Wayne, NJ wouldn’t disappoint you. From nearby mountains and forests to an array of urban parks, this town helps people enjoy a number of outdoor activities. With its ponds, wooded areas, public paths, and vast gardens full of exotic and rare plants, Laurelwood Arboretum in Wayne, NJ, offer a breathtaking experience. A short drive away, the locals at Wayne, NJ, can enjoy world-class outdoor attractions like Farny State Park and Norvin Green State Forest. This translates to plenty of opportunities for biking, fishing, hiking, and more!

Amazing educational opportunities

​​​​​​​Whether you’re looking to advance your education or raise a family, it’s always good to have top schools nearby. If you’re living in Wayne, NJ, you’ll have a number of decent opportunities, irrespective of your age.

For example, many excellent options are available at the elementary level. Then there are high schools like Wayne Valley High and Wayne Hills High, which never cease to attract awards and praises from the educational community. Plus, locals wouldn’t have to travel far to get their degree — thanks to William Paterson University, an internationally renowned university.

Super convenient

Wayne, NJ, doesn’t just offer easy access to some of the world’s largest cities but also has many great opportunities within its limits.

All New York City’s delights are just a 45-minute drive away, while other big cities like Newark and Elizabeth are even closer.

Whether you’re traveling for pleasure, education, or work, easy road links mean world-class leisure opportunities and facilities are incredibly easy to access.

​​​​​​​Popular roads like interstate 80 and Routes 502, 202, and 46 run through town, so a road trip is never far away.

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